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Samanvay Group

Beginning in 2008, the Samanvay Group started looking for ways to increase youth activities in New Jersey and its surrounding areas. The word “samanvay” is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning a conjunction or connection of two or more ideas, principles, or objects. As a river flows into a lake, it sheds its identity to become one with a larger body of water. Similarly, Samanvay Group brings youths of various identities into a group with the common goal of: “We Are One.” With this underlying principle, more youths are enabled to reach higher in life through new connections, community engagements, and professional development.

Samanvay Premier League

Samanvay Premier League came to existence in 2008 in Parsippany, NJ. It has been twelve years since we started organizing SPL every year. It’s quite an exciting and fun-buoyant journey from eight teams to twenty-four teams to twenty-eight teams to forty teams since it’s existence. SPL is a platform for youth from age group eighteen to forty, where they get a chance to mingle, connect, make friends, network with dynamic individuals from different parts of India. It is a platform for youth to get inspired in their lives while playing and enjoying the most popular sport of our lifetime.